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Just a couple of Labyrinth fans from Florida, inspired to write for the fandom.  It was supposed to be a oneshot, about 50k words.  We're on the 2nd fic of 3 main ones.

 Labyrinth Fanfic Lovers community on Facebook has ruined us.  THINK OF THE HAMSTERS!

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Stories by SaraiofUmardelin

Draw Your Swords Prequel: Alone Among the Wreck by SaraiofUmardelin

Rating: T | 13+ | Reviews: 0

Jareth sure doesn't seemed thrilled with his role or his rule in the movie. So how did an arrogant fae end up ruling over a capricious kingdom of goblins? And how did he become the king we know and love in the Draw Your Swords 'verse? This fic is the answer. It could be subtitled, How the Goblin King Got His Labyrinth.


Category: General, Plot Bunnies | Characters: Fairies, Goblins, Hoggle, Jareth, The Fireys
Series: None | Chapters: 1 ( Table of Contents ) | Completed: No | Word Count: 731 | Read: 508 times

Published: 03 Jun 2018 | Updated: 03 Jun 2018 [Report This]