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We'll what can I say

 I really like this  page and I have read many story's from different authors and I am a big fan of the movie labyrith it's been my favorite movie since I can remember  I wish I can read more wonderful story's from each author.

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Stories by Crystal writer

Love that never dies by Crystal writer

Rating: MA | 18+ starstarstarstarstar | Reviews: 4

Sarah was only 15 years old when she defeated Jareth the goblin king, in her eyes Jareth was the villain and the last person she wanted to be with, but time passes in a blink on an eye.  She's now a fully grown women living with her best friend. Surprisingly she stars to dream about jareth, the word that ended a life she always dreamed of. Up until now she understood that he just wanted her to stay with him.  Now she's stuck with doubt and regret, but maybe everything could change with a couple of words. With this said, her best friends wishes her away with the only purpose of seeing Sarah happy with the man who once promised her the stars. But how will Jareth react? would he still be resentful towards her? or would he give her his heart once again? What kind of problems will Sarah and Jareth face in order for them to have a happy ever after?

Category: AU, Fluff, General, Hurt/Comfort, Songfic | Characters: * All
Series: None | Chapters: 29 ( Table of Contents ) | Completed: No | Word Count: 60601 | Read: 62542 times

Published: 01 Aug 2014 | Updated: 23 Jan 2017 [Report This]