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I remember watching Labyrinth when I was in fourth of fifth grade and being completely enthralled by it.  Like awe-inspired, jaw-dropped sucked in.  And man did I have a huge crush on Jareth.  Like writing his name all over my binders huge.  Like that's subsided now!  But really, I don't write his name all over the place anymore.  I swear!  Don't look at me like that.

 Going Home is my very first Labyrinth fanfiction.  I probably wouldn't have ever written one if I hadn't been bed-ridden for the past week and on one serious Labyrinth bender.  Trust David Bowie to make a fever-induced delirium fun.


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Going Home by Lost

Rating: M | 16+ | Reviews: 2




Since she was seven Madeline's been a foster child, bouncing from family to uncaring family as she struggles to get by. Her solitary escape is into her favorite book, The Labyrinth, where she finds the shred of comfort she needs to push on.  To her it feels like home, the one constant in her life.  Her escape.  Turning 18 means Madeline is spit out of the system for good, leaving her well and truly alone.  With nothing left to lose Madeline takes an insane gamble and says the words she's been longing to say for years, desperate for answers about a life she barely remembers and the few pieces that remain that are something from a fairy tale.  Someone answers her call and Madeline quickly realizes she should have been careful what she wished for for home could be a thing of nightmares masquerading as a dream.

Category: General | Characters: Fairies, Goblins, Helping Hands, Hoggle, Jareth, The Wiseman, The Wiseman's Hat
Series: None | Chapters: 14 ( Table of Contents ) | Completed: No | Word Count: 35046 | Read: 176575 times

Published: 11 Nov 2009 | Updated: 05 Apr 2015 [Report This]