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 Yohla peoplz! Hmm. Well, obviously I'm totally crazy about Labyrinth. I also love all of the Alice In Wonderland books/movies, not to mention I'm crazy about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and other such books by Mr. Roald Dahl (Such a genius!) and Mr. Dodgeson (*Sigh*, Carroll, your imagination was ahead of its time.). Oh, and Harry Potter! I'm an SSHG shipper.

I admire and respect Alan Richman, Johhny Depp, and, of course, David Bowie. In fact, when I still lived with my mom, she forced me out of the room beside hers because I was singing Dance, Magic in my sleep as loud as I could!

Anywho, now you know a bit about moi and hopefully, my stories will be well recieved!

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Summary: A collection of ways to annoy the goblin king. 
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