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A Very Special Goblin King Birthday Surprise by Jetredgirl

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Summary: It's another birthday for the GK and things don't go as planned, but they sort of work out anyway. Sarah's is preparing, Goblins are plotting, and Jareth is Jareth, annoyed, sexy, and tight panted. There might be some very deserved goblin traumatizing activity. M because you know what I'm talking about.
Rating: MA | 18+
Category: Fluff, Het, One-Shot
Characters: Goblins, Jareth, Sarah
Genre: | Series: None | Chapters: 1 | Completed: Yes | Word Count: 6041 | Read: 1138 times
Published: 10 Jun 2017 | Last Updated: 10 Jun 2017

Story Notes:
I do not own or profit from Labyrinth or it's characters in any way. All are owned by Henson & CO.
1. A Very Special Goblin King Birthday Surprise (0 Reviews) (6041 words)