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The Way Forward is Sometimes the Way Back by quaintlullabies

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Summary: Adulthood was never going to come easy for Sarah in the years that passed one tiny grain of sand at a time. If absence made the heart grow fonder, Jareth was an obsessed lunatic at this point, but there was nothing he could do about it. Aboveground Sarah was doing her best to cope with the fact that she entered a magical kingdom at 15 and returned to a world that didn't believe in magic. Still, Aboveground, as Below, things aren't always as they seem. 
Rating: MA | 18+
Category: Hurt/Comfort, BDSM, Het
Characters: Jareth, Sarah
Challenges: Fill Out the BDSM Category
Genre: | Series: None | Chapters: 10 | Completed: No | Word Count: 20503 | Read: 31721 times
Published: 11 Aug 2013 | Last Updated: 18 Feb 2017

1. This Is Why Your Therapy Doesn't Work (2 Reviews) starstarstarstarstar (1196 words)

2. Imaginings in Snow (0 Reviews) (914 words)

3. A Study in Steam (0 Reviews) (1533 words)

4. Silent Screams and Bloody Dreams (1 Reviews) (1584 words)

5. A Small Showdown (0 Reviews) (2569 words)

6. Story Time (1 Reviews) starstarstarstarstar (2957 words)

7. Makes No Sense At All (2 Reviews) (1586 words)

8. What Dreams May Come, Part I (4 Reviews) starstarstarstar (1636 words)


9. What Dreams May Come, Part II (0 Reviews) (2082 words)


10. End of a Dream (0 Reviews) (4446 words)