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What kinds of stories are allowed?

See our Submission Rules.

How do I contact the site administrators?

You can e-mail us via our contact form.

How do I submit stories?

If you have not already done so, please register for an account. Once you've logged in, click on Account Information and choose Add Story. The form presented there will allow you to submit your story.

The Character I'm writing about isn't listed. How do I add them?

Contact the Site Admin via the contact form and let them know the name, and we'll add it on usually within 48 hours. Book and TV characters only, please. If it's an original character that you have created, please use one of the "Original Character" options.

I'm trying to add a story, but it takes me to a Forbidden Page when I try to post. What am I doing wrong?

It most likely ISN'T you, so don't worry! Some words (such as curl) cause a problem within the script used on the site. Instead of copying and pasting your story into the text box, try uploading your story using the txt file upload feature. Don't preview it before you post it, as the same error will occur - just press "Add Story". Once uploaded, you will not be able to edit the story/chapter using the standard editing process - you'll need to re-upload the txt file.

If you're still having difficulty, feel free to send us the file in the .txt format (or send a link to the story) along with the full details (summary, title, chapter names etc) and we will try our best to upload it for you within 24 hours.

What are the ratings used on the site?

We use the ratings system from www.fictionratings.com.

What are the story classifications?

Stories are classified by categories, genres, and warnings.