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Challenges Section - Open

There is a new section added to the site for Challenges!

In addition, there has been a new Category added: Plot Bunnies - this category is mainly for the Challenges section, and can be used if you have ideas for a story but don't know how to write it.

Also, another Character setting: * All - this is to be used when you have a General Story (or Challenge) that doesn't involve a particular character, pairing, relationship or friendship.

If you have any ideas on how to improve the site, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Thanks to ilea for the idea of including the Challenges section to Underground.

1 Comments | Posted by banshee on 24 Nov 2008 06:05 pm


I think its a good story. Very descriptive in feelings and environment. I really feel like I know the characters and want to help them through their trials.

I am so impressed with the fanfic I have read here, I look forward to reading more of this creative and evocative fiction.

illustrati @ 24 Oct 2010 02:44 am