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a Labyrinth Fanfiction archive
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100 Themes by Misplaced

Reviews: 0 |
Summary: A series of unrelated one-shots inspired by a list of 100 prompts. (Most, if not all, are J/S in some way or another.)
Category: Het, General, One-Shot | Characters: Jareth, Sarah
Genre: | Open: Closed

100 Ways by Melda starstarstarstarstar

Reviews: 9 |
Summary: A collection of ways to annoy the goblin king. 
Category: Crack!fic | Characters: * All
Genre: | Open: Closed

2011 LiveJournal Fic Exchange by Misplaced

Reviews: 0 |
Summary: Labytales (oneshots) that I wrote for the 2011 LiveJournal Fic Exchange. All feature J/S.
Category: One-Shot, General, Het | Characters: Ambrosius, Fairies, Goblins, Hoggle, Jareth, Ludo, Sarah, Sir Didymus, The Worm
Genre: | Open: Closed

2016 Star Trek Beyond Kirk by jonejenkinss

Reviews: 0 |
Summary: Hollywood r34;#‎Celebrityr36; Chris Pine blue jacket 2016 Star Trek Beyondr36; Kirk Jacket now obtainable at amazing low price!
Category: None | Characters: Fairies
Genre: | Open: Closed

children's voices should be dear by Nagia starhalf-star

Reviews: 5 |
Summary: Sarah Williams returns from the Labyrinth a very changed girl.
Category: Crossover, Het | Characters: Jareth, Sarah, Toby
Genre: | Open: Closed

Daddy as goblin king by sliver rebel star

Reviews: 0 |
Summary: A bunch of short stories written from the perpective of jareths daughter as she grows up.
Category: General, Hurt/Comfort, One-Shot | Characters: Jareth
Genre: | Open: Closed

Daughter of Above and Below by Regina_Angel1028

Reviews: 1 |
Summary: It's not easy living up to the expectations of the goblin king. He has a tendency to calmly go off the deep end, but for Ella the expectations are higher. At least the punishment is not as bad. Even a king can't be too harsh on his princess.
Category: Hurt/Comfort, General | Characters: Jareth
Genre: | Open: Closed

Developements by Kore-of-Myth

Reviews: 0 |
Summary: Though some people tend to forget it, there are more characters then Jareth and Sarah in the fantasy film Labyrinth. Here is a collection of stories exploring all possible pairings in this fandom.
Category: One-Shot, Het, Slash | Characters: Jareth, Sarah, Toby
Genre: | Open: Closed

Fallen Angels by Regina_Angel1028

Reviews: 1 |
Summary: Regina fell unexpectedly into the world of the underground. She learns things about the Goblin King that no other challenger has been allowed to discover. What will the underground teach her about herself though?
Category: Hurt/Comfort, AU, Plot Bunnies, Het | Characters: Jareth
Genre: | Open: Closed

Metamorphosis by Danu MacTire starstarstarstar

Reviews: 18 |

Title Pending


After seeing Jareth again the day before Christmas eve, Sarah returned home. Two months later her world was thrown into chaos.

Category: Het | Characters: Fairies, Goblins, Jareth, Sarah, Toby
Genre: | Open: Closed