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a Labyrinth Fanfiction archive
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Please use this setting for stories that involve all characters and do not focus on a particular character, relationship or friendship. Additionally, this setting can be used when issuing challenges where it applies to all characters.
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Love that never dies by Crystal writer

Rating: MA | 18+ starstarstarstarstar | Reviews: 22

Sarah was only 15 years old when she defeated Jareth the goblin king, in her eyes Jareth was the villain and the last person she wanted to be with, but time passes in a blink on an eye.  She's now a fully grown women living with her best friend. Surprisingly she stars to dream about jareth, the word that ended a life she always dreamed of. Up until now she understood that he just wanted her to stay with him.  Now she's stuck with doubt and regret, but maybe everything could change with a couple of words. With this said, her best friends wishes her away with the only purpose of seeing Sarah happy with the man who once promised her the stars. But how will Jareth react? would he still be resentful towards her? or would he give her his heart once again? What kind of problems will Sarah and Jareth face in order for them to have a happy ever after?

Category: AU, Fluff, General, Hurt/Comfort, Songfic | Characters: * All
Series: None | Chapters: 29 ( Table of Contents ) | Completed: No | Word Count: 60601 | Read: 29710 times

Published: 01 Aug 2014 | Updated: 23 Jan 2017 [Report This]

Longing For A Forgotten Dream by LostRose0

Rating: T | 13+ | Reviews: 5
Summary: It’s been five years since Sarah had defeated Jareth’s Labyrinth. Her friends did not come back when she asked, and she had never seen that owl again. With no proof of what she went through, she accepted that it was just a dream. But, when Fantasia calls for her aid, is it really just her imagination? And what of Jareth? 

Cross over of Neverending story and Labyrinth.

Category: AU, Crossover, General, Plot Bunnies | Characters: * All
Series: None | Chapters: 2 ( Table of Contents ) | Completed: No | Word Count: 7925 | Read: 428 times

Published: 09 Oct 2016 | Updated: 16 Oct 2016 [Report This]

Cruel Love by Nightstar208

Rating: MA | 18+ starstarstarhalf-star | Reviews: 2
Summary: Sarah Williams journey through the Labyrinth and the true story behind Jareth's actions. Why was it so easy for him to let the girl go and why did she make friends of his subjects?
Category: BDSM, Fluff, General, Hurt/Comfort | Characters: * All
Series: None | Chapters: 28 ( Table of Contents ) | Completed: No | Word Count: 31795 | Read: 29215 times

Published: 12 Apr 2016 | Updated: 12 Apr 2016 [Report This]

Things Left Unsaid by bowiebabe

Rating: MA | 18+ | Reviews: 3

"Jareth became a bitter shell of his former self. He drank and he plundered, all to forget about the pain one little girl had caused him. Lost in his own pride and misery, it looked as though the former king was gone forever."

What happens when Jareth has a little too much to drink one night? 

Category: BDSM, General, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Slash | Characters: * All
Series: None | Chapters: 1 ( Table of Contents ) | Completed: No | Word Count: 502 | Read: 1946 times

Published: 16 Nov 2014 | Updated: 16 Nov 2014 [Report This]

Return of the Goblin King by sstrong

Rating: T | 13+ | Reviews: 2

A few years after Sarah's journey through the labyrinth she is contacted by Hoggle. He tells her that the underground is in danger and that the goblin king has disappeared. She must find him before time runs out. However there is a problem, she doesn't remember what he looks like or her experiences of the labyrinth. Will she succeed? Or is the underground doomed?


Category: General | Characters: * All
Series: None | Chapters: 13 ( Table of Contents ) | Completed: Yes | Word Count: 23904 | Read: 8118 times

Published: 10 Jul 2014 | Updated: 10 Jul 2014 [Report This]

When We Meet Again by apple0canadian

Rating: M | 16+ starstarstar | Reviews: 4
Summary: Jareth and Sarah are reunited in most odd times. Everything was great at first, but even the closest of friends can change into someting horrid. Their faith and behavior towrds in each other is lost and shattered. Can they fix it? Or is there nothing worth fixing?
Category: Hurt/Comfort | Characters: * All
Series: None | Chapters: 10 ( Table of Contents ) | Completed: No | Word Count: 15250 | Read: 13765 times

Published: 12 May 2013 | Updated: 11 Jun 2013 [Report This]

Eyes of Fire by LadyofW

Rating: M | 16+ | Reviews: 5
Summary: After Sarah defeated the Labyrinth her life returned to normal, but only for a little while. Jareth is back and things have changed drastically. Now he is determined to have Sarah by his side once and for all. J/S
Category: Het | Characters: * All
Series: None | Chapters: 8 ( Table of Contents ) | Completed: No | Word Count: 7134 | Read: 104127 times

Published: 27 Aug 2011 | Updated: 03 Jan 2013 [Report This]

Halfway by WhispersOfStarlight

Rating: T | 13+ | Reviews: 1
Summary: Time is running out for Sarah. Her memories of the Labyrinth are fading and The Goblin King is trying to stop it but he can only hope for a miracle. Inspired by the song: 'Meet Me Halfway' by Tim Benson and the video 'Draw With Me' by Mike Inel
Category: Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, One-Shot, Songfic | Characters: * All
Series: None | Chapters: 1 ( Table of Contents ) | Completed: Yes | Word Count: 1993 | Read: 1465 times

Published: 24 Sep 2012 | Updated: 24 Sep 2012 [Report This]

One Last Wish by WhispersOfStarlight

Rating: MA | 18+ starstarstarstarhalf-star | Reviews: 13
Summary: At first he tried everything to stop her, but she was young and naive, and her innocence melted the ice encasing his heart. At the end, he gave her a choice: his love or her brother. She was young and did not fully comprehend what he was offering her. She choose her brother and he was left alone and future-less. Now seven years later, can a little girl's wish give them the happy ending they deserve?
Category: General, Het, Hurt/Comfort | Characters: * All
Series: None | Chapters: 19 ( Table of Contents ) | Completed: No | Word Count: 25105 | Read: 393254 times

Published: 23 Oct 2010 | Updated: 30 May 2012 [Report This]

After Happily Ever After by Lady Labyrinth16

Rating: T | 13+ | Reviews: 5
Summary: This story is a bunch of random oneshots about the marital life of Jareth and Sarah
Category: Fluff, General | Characters: * All
Series: None | Chapters: 1 ( Table of Contents ) | Completed: No | Word Count: 1108 | Read: 4600 times

Published: 14 Jan 2012 | Updated: 14 Jan 2012 [Report This]