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The Four Guards


Labyrinth II: The Amethyst Saga by marysiak

Rating: T | 13+ | Reviews: 0
Summary: How Amethyst ended up in the Labyrinth. Includes characters from Company of Wolves.Set 10 years after the film.
Category: General | Characters: Goblins, Jareth, The Four Guards
Series: None | Chapters: 1 ( Table of Contents ) | Completed: Yes | Word Count: 7689 | Read: 962 times

Published: 16 Oct 2015 | Updated: 16 Oct 2015 [Report This]

Truth Hurts by Rhymer

Rating: K | 5+ | Reviews: 7

It had only been a dream, something she had imagined as a child. Something she had tried hard to ignore; to forget. Now the Underground has reclaimed its prize, and Sarah has no choice but to face the truth... no matter how much it hurts.

Category: Het, Hurt/Comfort | Characters: Ambrosius, Fairies, Goblins, Helping Hands, Hoggle, Jareth, Ludo, Merlin (dog), Sarah, Sir Didymus, The Fireys, The Four Guards, The Junk Lady, The Wiseman, The Wiseman's Hat, The Worm, Toby
Series: None | Chapters: 2 ( Table of Contents ) | Completed: No | Word Count: 7778 | Read: 12951 times

Published: 03 Jan 2008 | Updated: 05 Jun 2008 [Report This]