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Transformation by Pixiewings504 ( 0 Responses )

Summary: A story about sarah turning into a fairy and becoming goblin Queen
Categories: None | Characters: * All

Two in one by Pixiewings504 ( 0 Responses )

Summary: Jareth as both the goblin king in the underground and as david bowie in the above
Categories: None | Characters: * All

Lessons by Nightstar208 ( 0 Responses )

Summary: Jareth masquerades as Sarah's teacher but only seen knows who he really is. After lots of violent arguing Sarah ends up pinned to his desk doing naughty things.  
Categories: BDSM | Characters: Jareth, Sarah

Out of time by Aurlia01 ( 0 Responses )


Sarah somehow learns she is adopted.  Yet, what if the reason she is so unique is due to her being from another time and/or place?  how and why is she here now?  Any characters may be used, as well as any category.

Thank you and good luck! 

Categories: None | Characters: * All

The Hardest of Hearts by LadyofW ( 0 Responses )


Based off of the song by Florence and the Machine, the Hardest of Hearts. 

Years have passed since Jareth's challenge to Sarah. Sarah is now over the age of eighteen. Jareth never stopped watching her from the Underground. At times, he would will fae magic to protect Sarah in the mortal world. 

 Sarah has never forgotten the Labyrinth and her friends. One snowy evening Sarah experiences a strange phenomenon. After the experience Sarah is reminded of Jareth's final offer to her. She replays his offer over and over in her head. 

 In frustration, Sarah seeks her worn copy of the Labyrinth and reads through it once more. Baffling emotions tear at Sarah's heart as she relives her adventure through the Labyrinth.


When she reaches the book's ending the story doesn't end. Her story is left with an abundance of blank pages. Plagued by confusion and regret over past actions Sarah calls upon the Goblin King once again. 


Their story hasn't ended and nothing is as it seems. 


Categories: Hurt/Comfort, Het | Characters: Jareth, Sarah

Indirect Challenge by GoldenAerie ( 1 Responses )

Summary: In 5 pages (or thereabouts) write a story that takes place in the Labyrinth universe, but isn't directly about a major Labyrinth character.  This is all about tertiary characters and other characters that may live in the Labyrinth.

Characters you cannot use as main characters:
  • Sarah
  • Toby
  • Jareth
  • Hoggle
  • Ludo
  • Sir Didymus

Categories: One-Shot, General, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort | Characters: None

In Time by GoldenAerie ( 1 Responses )

Summary: Jareth/OC (primarily)

Write a short piece (15-30 pages) that takes place in history (NOT the present time). There's SO MUCH to play with! You could have a story that is set in 18th century France or 13th century England or the 19th century American west. Time and place is up to you. Perhaps it's a new character that Jareth is dealing with or some former incarnation of Sarah. Perhaps the Wise Man is younger in your story.

Have fun with history!
Categories: Slash, AU, BDSM, Fluff, General, Hurt/Comfort, One-Shot | Characters: * All

Return to the Labyrinth by JessaClaireHarper ( 0 Responses )


So what I have been seeing a lot of is an array of different ideas of how a reunion would go between Jareth and Sara-and how one would come about. 

Here's the challenge:

1. Write a story that's atleast 10-20 chapters long (though personally, if you bring up marriage, PLEASE bring it up to that.)

2. There must be a big conflict. Movie worthy.

3. Be descriptive. Being able to vividly imagine how it plays out in my head is my favorite part of being a bookworm.

A Prompt (completely optional): Maybe a preteen Toby wishing Sara to the Underground. And him running the Labyrinth just like his sister did for him...but maybe Sara won't be so willing to leave. Because of course during the time Toby is trying to solve the Labyrinth, Jareth is taking a second shot at getting him to take up his previous offer... to let him rule her, to fear him, love him...

I know, I know...pretty descriptive. Since I'm writing the same kind of story. I'm just curious to see how other writing styles will work with my idea. Maybe someone will write this idea out better then me :)


Oh and please, no crossovers. Otherwise you can bring it in any direction 

Categories: Hurt/Comfort, General, Fluff, BDSM | Characters: * All

Speechless by Ande ( 0 Responses )


I was listening to a cd I burned and Speechless by Lady Gaga came on. I played it a couple of times, decided it needs to be written for Jareth/Sarah.

It can be from either point if view, but bonus points for writing it so Jareth isn't the one out for sex.

Any ending is fine, any other category is fine, I just want it to be realistic and gritty, if possible.  

Categories: Songfic | Characters: Jareth, Sarah

first meet by sliver rebel star ( 0 Responses )


ok ,so I had this idea that if jareths and Sarah were already married and you into the future and that they had a daughter who eventually brings home a boyfriend!!!.

I want it to be full of laughter and awkward moments ,I want to know jareths and Sarah's reaction mentally and [this one's more for jareths] physically. 

how old there daughter and her boyfriend is ,is up to you .The same with there names and appearances.

It can be anywhere between 1000 words to 5000 words but no more

good luck!!!!



Categories: General | Characters: Jareth